About Powheiri Kennel  
Powheiri Kennel uses natural rearing methods.  We feed no commercial dog food, 

relying instead on a species appropriate diet.  This consists of  raw meat, raw bones and 

vegetables and a few other raw items with a handful of supplements.  We feed variety.  

We have found this helpful to maintaining appropriate weight (Glens tend toward overweight), 

robust immune systems, good strong bones, and maximized muscle development, definition 

and tone.

Our litters will be reared naturally.  This, for us, means holistic medical care as well.  

We feel a good combination of conventional and traditional care makes sense.  We 

utilize homeopathy as a mainstay for conditions requiring attention, and use other 

modalities as the need arises.  These include acupuncture, herbal supplements and 

vitamins.  If conventional care is called for (a broken bone, for example), we will use

conventional medicine.  We shy away from the use of antibiotics and suppressive

care and opt whenever we can , for a more holistic and causative approach to cure.

We think our approach and those of others who practice this natural rearing model,

pays off in many ways - healthier dogs, almost NO vet bills, and happy and healthy

animals in general.  We also expect that anyone who seeks to have one of our dogs as

a puppy, will agree to rear it similarly.  We are intent on building generations of

naturally reared animals, free of the usual problems that seem to plague so many  

breeds.  We plan to help prospective puppy owners build the knowledge

necessary to this type of care.

We also believe that Glens should not be kennel dogs.  They do not survive well in

this environment and it may tend to foster aggression. They need to be a part of a 

family and to live accordingly.  Although they are strong willed and can be stubborn and 

domineering, they are also very interested in belonging and indeed, thrive on it.  

They are not the dog for everyone. They need training and consistency in discipline.  

But, if a Glen is for you.... it can be a most rewarding experience.

So, although we have been around dogs our whole lives, we are now on this chosen 

path.  We love this breed, and want to see it flourish and remain healthy and whole.

We do not think that popularity is the answer  to continued health, so we choose

to keep Glens carefully. We have great respect for their heritage.

We welcome inquiries and questions.  Enjoy our photos!

Holly Best and Jack Wright
Powheiri Kennel
PO Box 107
Denmark,  ME  04022
(207) 452 8034

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