Glen of Imaal Terrier Rescue Foundation
         PO Box 107, Denmark, ME  04022 USA
                           207 452 8034 

We are a rescue group committed to helping Glen of Imaal Terriers in need. We welcome volunteers, donations, and referrals for those who may need help in caring for a Glen.

Our Mission is to offer support and aid regarding any Glen in need, including behavioral issues, help with finding a new home, and any other issues affecting a Glen.  We are not affiliated with any group or organization, although we welcome the cooperation of all breed clubs and owners toward our greater purpose of support for Glens in the USA.
We have recently completed an on-line survey of the breed regarding Temperament.  This survey  is ongoing and can be completed at any time by going to:
The Temperament Survey RAW DATA  from  2/05 to 2/6/06 can be viewed here:

Link to Survey results in PDF format

Link to Survey results in HTML format

Link to Original Survey Questionnaire

This data will continue to be assessed and compiled and results will be shared.

Link to DOGS Who Found A NEW HOME

East Coast Glen Gathering 2007

Glen Rescue Fund Raising Raffle

Glen  Canvas Tote Benefits Glen Rescue

PRA Chip Fund Drive

If you have a need regarding a Glen, please contact any one of our Committee Members: All contacts are treated confidentially.
Bill Amaral
617 664  5190
Susan Blum 
802 649 2994
Gary Duffy
512 858 0018



Holly Best
207 452 8034
Martha Parry
860 464 6633
Jane Veeder
650 578 9540