GLENS IN NEED - Faith , Hope and  your Charity



 Faith                                                          Hope

Hello Everyone


There is good news and there is sad news in the Glen world.


The good news is that there are two Glens who are looking for a new

home that have been saved from a terrible fate.

The bad news is that we have seen just  where our dear breed can end

up.  And it is heartbreaking.


Recently the Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America (GITCA) and the Glen

of Imaal Terrier Rescue Foundation  (Glen Rescue) joined together in a

collaborative effort to rescue two Glens from the fate of becoming

puppy mill breeding stock.  We rescued two females from an auction in

the midwest that was poised to sell them to the highest bidder.


Glen Rescue received a call from another Terrier Rescue Organization

alerting Rescue to the fate of these Glens.  It was a shock to the

whole Terrier Rescue world to notice two Glens being readied for

auction to the "millers."  Glen Rescue contacted GITCA to talk about a

course of action....and the rest is now history..


GITCA and Glen Rescue equally shared the very considerable expense of

buying these dogs from the auction owner.  We both debated the down

side of "creating a market" for Glens by buying them...but decided that

this was such an unusual circumstance that we wanted to try to stop the

first logical flow from the auctions to the puppy mill breeders. Glen

Rescue also spent time getting input on  these issues with other Rescue

folks who have been at it longer than us.  Some other breeds have tried

to buy out their breed at this same level in the hopes of preventing

what we all fear.  For some breeds it has helped considerably, and for

others, it has not worked.  Because there are so few Glens in the

world, our two organizations are hoping this decision buys us some time

so that we can work diligently to try our best to prevent this type of

flow into the millers.


 From what we have gathered, these Glens were sold from a foreign owner

to the auction house here in the USA.  The original foreign breeder

does not appear to have been aware that the owner then exported them to

face such a terrible fate.


We are in need of DONATIONS to help defray our considerable costs.  We

were lucky to have called on a Glen breeder located in the area of the

auction who was able to pick up the dogs and is keeping them until they

can be placed in new homes.  We call on you all to help with this

project.   Donations will be appreciated from the Glen Community.


THE GLENS:  Are one year old.  Female.  They are blue brindle.  We have

almost no history on them at all.  GITCA and Rescue offer no guarantees as

to their quality, health or behavior.  We have had them both spayed.  They

have seen a vet.  They have been evaluated by the Glen breeder who feels

that they are ready to be placed.  They have had no training and little socialization.

They may or may not be  housebroken.  One of them has shown aggressive

Behavior towards another Glen.  There may also be changes in their behavior once

They are separated.  They will require training.  The good news, is that

they are still young!  Their current caretaker has aptly named them FAITH and HOPE.


PROSPECTIVE NEW HOMES - Will be required to have had previous Glen or

Terrier experience.  These dogs are not for first time DOG owners.  Transportation

To get them from their present midwest location will be up to the new owners. A donation

will be requested for adoption as well.


ANYONE INTERESTED in more information about them and possibly re-homing

a Glen should contact Holly Best.   (207) 452 8034



YOUR  CHARITY : Donations should be sent to: Les Anthony , GITCA treasurer


8 Nutmeg Ct.

Wallingford, CT   06492

Checks must be made out to GITCA noted for FAITH & HOPE.

Monies received  will  be split between GITCA and Glen Rescue.




Holly Best                 and           Laura Trainor

for Glen Rescue                        for GITCA (Pres.)