RAFFLE for the Glen of Imaal Terrier Rescue Foundation


Our recent collaboration to buy the two Glens who were at auction depleted our funds and we need to replenish our ability to be available to help other Glens and Glen people in need.  We spent over $1,600. in up front costs to rescue these dogs.  We then spent time, energy and phone calls, etc. in  finding homes for them.  This was a huge job and we thankfully found great homes for each Glen.


WINNING TICKETS WILL BE DRAWN at the Glen Gathering, September 9, 2006

All proceeds go to The Glen of Imaal Terrier Rescue Foundation.


Good News!  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO PARTICIPATE! If you are interested in buying a raffle ticket for any of these items, please just let us know.  You can buy a ticket or tickets to any of these items:


A)  Print of a watercolor by artist and fellow Glen person, Cindy Crawford.  Title:  " Glens at Play"


B)  Pair of original design pearl earrings by HR Best Design.  FW (cultured) pearls on gold wire. Donated by jewelry artist, Holly Best


C)  Vase with a Glen on it.  Donated by Susan Blum


D) Old Glen T shirt. (very old)  Donated by Gary Duffy




Raffle Tickets


Please note for which item ( A, B, C, D)  you are buying a raffle ticket.

We need your name, address and phone number.


IF YOU ARE ORDERING AHEAD, please be sure to include the above info!  We will write out a raffle ticket for you and place it in the pot from which the tickets will be drawn.  Checks can be made out to Glen Rescue.  Send your donation $to:

Glen Rescue

PO Box 107

Denmark, ME 04022


If time is of the essence, just email to reserve a raffle ticket with all the details and tell us your donation $ is "in the mail."

Email to Cindy at:  cindy@cs.dartmouth.edu


Prices of tickets are: $5.00 per ticket. OR the bargain price offering for either A, B, C or D of  $20. for 5 tickets.  

( all bargain tickets must be for same item)



Good Luck and your help is appreciated!